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Base Scope of Project

The approach you choose will depend on the resources available to you, but also particularly on the scope and level of detail you need for the information.

A main step. Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery of information or resources. You can use any kind of tools that help you to analyze the data you have collected before.

When information is represented visually, it helps us understand why things happen, as well as compare different patterns and trends that could inform future outcomes.

Why Solver Society?

Project portfolio

When we are used to doing everything based on routines and standards? Why don’t we try new things and new challenges? Solver Society is a project portal and will help you to have more portfolios


We collaborate with several media platforms in Indonesia. If selected your research results will be published in the media and of course the IYKRA platform

Open for Anyone

Literally anyone can join Solver Society as long as you have the spirit to contribute to the upcoming issues and take part of the solutions. You are all welcome!

Networking Data Geek

Many interesting things were found by sharing experiences with each other. By joining Solver Society you will interact and collaborate a lot with other geek data.

Meet The Subject Matter Expert

Meet The Mentor



Anything is possible! Develop yourself, learn through the project with a mentor, and expand your network. Best investment for Solver Society membership program only with

IDR 2.500.000 / 6 months

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