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A hand-picked, highly selective program for outstanding Data Engineers.

The world has borne witness to an increasing demand for data engineers equipped with both business and technical expertise. In relation to this, Data Fellowship: Fast Track Data Engineering Program is meticulously crafted to expedite your journey as a Data Engineer by providing scholarships for rigorous study and networking opportunities with industry practitioners. This course aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of data engineering and business intelligence principles by leveraging the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Participants will receive instruction in proficiently designing, executing, and sustaining data pipelines and analytical solutions specifically tailored for businesses utilizing GCP services. Successful completion of this course will equip students with proficiency in data storytelling, data streaming, data processing, and data visualization, complemented by the ability to effectively communicate business insights to facilitate strategic decision-making processes.

Throughout the program, you will acquire all the requisite skills and knowledge necessary to secure a full-time data engineering position within the contemporary industry. Our seasoned trainers will engage in insightful discussions, enlightening you on the roles and responsibilities of data engineers. Moreover, you will benefit from personalized feedback and coaching to help build a compelling portfolio that showcases your competence and dedication.

Unveil your data skills, enhance your interpersonal acumen, bolster your portfolio, and embark on your journey toward a fulfilling career as a Professional Data Engineer with IYKRA.

Why Join Data Fellowship: Fast-Track Data Engineering?

Fully Funded

The program only costs your commitment, dedication, excitement and nothing else!

Get Hired

The ability to be employed quickly with our hiring partner.


Learn together with your Fellowship peers and experienced mentors.

Guided by Profesional Tutor and Mentor

The opportunity to meet, chat, and connect with the data experts especially during our hybrid classess.

Connect and Network with +10000 community

The opportunity to interact with other fellow data and inspiring professionals. Be part of our IYKRA's data community ( Komunidata )

Updated Learning Curriculum

The curriculum is designed with the most up-to-date syllabus that align with skills demand on the market and our hiring partner needs.

Application Proccess

Step 1


Please complete the form and enter the information required to confirm your eligibility before submitting it.

Aug 7 - Aug 20, 2023 (9 PM)

Step 2

Selection Process I: Technical Test

You'll get an email with a link to a technical test that gauges your data literacy.

Aug 21, 2023.

Step 3

Selection Process II: Technical Test Announcement

If you passed the test, you will be contacted to book an interview session with our team through email (IMPORTANT: please check your email regularly).

Aug 22 - 25, 2023.

Step 4

Selection Process III: Interview Session

If you are qualified, you will be contacted to schedule an interview and be invited to the session (check your email regularly).

Aug 28 - 6 Sep, 2023

Step 5

Contract Delivery & Review

A Data Fellowship 10: Fast-Track Data Engineering contract will be given to applicants who have successfully completed steps I - III of the selection process. However, we will allow you some time to thoughtfully study every component of your employment contract before you commit to accepting the program.

Sep 7, 2023

Step 6

Contract Submission & Administration

Send us the contract you signed & pay the commitment fee to demonstrate your dedication to the Data Fellowship 10: Fast-Track Data Engineering Program.

Sep 8 - 13, 2023

Step 7

Be Ready for Onboarding! (Hybrid)

A session to greet our students who will begin their careers as #DataHeroes through the Data Fellowship 10: Fast-Track Data Engineering Program. Psstt... The onboarding session would be held hybrid so for those who are staying in Jabodetabek area, make sure you don't miss this one.

Sep 14, 2023

Step 8

Incubation (Full Online)

Congratulations! You will join the training & mentoring session in 6 weeks as a Data Engineer.

Sep 18 - Nov 10 2023

Step 9

Final Project Presentation (Hybrid)

In the beginning of the program, you will be divided into groups to work on a project that is related to the general theme of all courses in Data Fellowship. The objective of the final project presentation is to demonstrate the application and mastery of the materials you've been learning during the program. This session will take place hybrid, so for those who stay in Jabodetabek area, you must explain your final project directly to our judges to feel a different atmosphere of presenting your ideas.

Nov 14, 2023

Prerequisites of Data Fellowship: Fast-Track Data Engineering Program

Minimum requirement is to be a last-year student of a university who has already completed their thesis.

Having an educational background or work experience in IT or a data-related field will be preferred.

Willingness to attend offline events (Onboarding Session, Final Project Presentation, and Graduation) for those who stay in Jabodetabek area.

Highly committed, proactive, with a willingness to learn and work as a data engineer or a data scientist (mostly will be placed in the financial industry).

Highly committed to involve and finish the three-month full-time program on weekdays based on the timeline.

Have a laptop with a minimum specification of 16 GB RAM and a hard disk drive with at least 50 GB space.

Have a stable internet connection.

Willingness to sign the contract and invest the commitment deposit of Rp 6,000,000,- (will be returned after the completion of the program).

If you are passionate about sharing and becoming a trainer, that will be a plus point.

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