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Program Overview

Data Fellowship Program is a full-scholarship data training program to prepare yourself to start your career as a data professional by providing the training sessions and the opportunity to build the portfolio

Reveal your skills about data, deep dive your passion and capability with real-project to make impact, and build your portfolio!

Program Objectives

Get You Prepared

A series of training sessions and practical activities with various learning sources that will equip you with knowledge & competencies.

Built Your Portofolio

You will be assigned as a data professional to solve and deliver the best output for a real project coming from our company partner.

Get You Connected

Meet your fellow data enthusiasts and inspiring experts throughout the program and be the part of our data community.

Why Data Fellowship


The program only costs your commitment, dedication, excitement and nothing else!

Self Paced

Learn together with your Fellowship peers and experienced mentors.


Learn through solving the real project to get familiar with the industry.

Get Hired Fast

The opportunity to meet, chat and connect with the data experts.

Connect with

Learn through solving the real project to get familiar with the industry.

No Data-experienced

We integrate soft skills to the syllabus to compliment the hard skills.

Program Timeline * Expected Timeline

Program Activities

Online Class (Webinar)

Webinar sessions that will be delivered by the trainers based on the topic or module. There will be a Q&A and practical session within the webinar


A dedicated mentoring session for you to ask more questions and to have more conversations with the trainer/mentor about a certain topic/module. The mentoring session will be conducted after each module is delivered.

Group Discussion

An independent group discussion, without a trainer/mentor, to hone your problem-solving mindset, teamwork, leadership and communication skills, as well as to help each other out with material understanding.


You will review other participant’s tasks/work and give them a score and feedback. The objective is to learn from others, improve your critical thinking and learn how to communicate and receive the feedback.

Practice Case & Task

Weekly practice case and task to implement your knowledge and understand by practical application. The practice case and task will be provided for each module.


One of the skills you need to hone during the program is the ability to do self-learning, thus we will provide the curated learning sources for you to learn and explore by yourself, as well as to support the material that is delivered by the trainers


Who doesn’t love quizzes to check your understanding and capability? We will provide the quiz for every module.

Soft-skills Development

A compliment to your hard skills training. We will prepare you not only to be a skillful data professional, but also a data professional who is ready to compete. The session includes CV workshop and interview preparation.

Note : Due to the current pandemic situation, Data Fellowship Program Batch 6 will be conducted fully online.


Fundamental Syllabus

Data Science

  • Intro to Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Tools
  • Business
  • Legal

Data Engineering

  • Intro to Data Engineering
  • Data Visualization
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Data Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Deployment
  • Big Data Tools
  • Business
  • Legal

Intermediate Syllabus

  • Intermediate and Advanced Tableau by building automatic pipeline to develop real-time dashboard
  • Intermediate Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning
  • Intro to Deep Learning
  • Intermediate Machine Learning: Supervised Learning
  • Supervised Learning for predicting ETA using Mobility Data
  • Intro to Natural Language Processing and Text Mining
  • Text Classification
  • Intermediate Data Analysis for Image Data
  • ETL with Talend Open Studio
  • Automated Data Pipeline with Airflow and Python
  • Building Data Analytic Product with Spark
  • Intro to NoSQL: MongoDB, Neo4JS, ApacheHBase
  • Intro to Cloud (Amazon Web Service dan Google Cloud Platform)
  • Cloudera Data Platform for Corporate Data Analytics

Soft Skill

Interview Preparation

CV Creation

Personal Branding

Communication Skills

Problem Solving


Real Project Examples

Ecommerce Optimization

ETA Estimation for Transportation

Traffic Prediction

User Profiling and

HR Analytics

Life-time Value User Application

Social Media Content Optimization

Price Optimization

Customer 360 Profiling

Hiring Partner


  • 1. Minimum last year student of university who already finished the thesis
  • 2. Have the educational background or working experience in IT or Data-related field will be preferred
  • 3. Highly committed, proactive, and have the willingness to learn
  • 4. Highly committed to involve and finish the 3-month full time program on weekdays based on the timeline
  • 5. Have a laptop with minimum specification of RAM 8 GB, HDD: at least 50 GB space
  • 6. Have the stable internet connection
  • 7. Willing to sign the contract and to invest the commitment deposit of Rp 5,000,000,- (will be returned after the completion of the program)
  • 8. If you are passionate about sharing and becoming a trainer, that will be a plus point

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