Program Overview

Data Fellowship Program is a full-scholarship training program to transform you to become a Data Scientist or Data Engineer.

This program is for fresh-graduate, experienced, or anyone who wants to learn, share, and pursue a career as a data professional.

Reveal your skills about data, deep dive your passion and capability with real projects to make impact, and get hired in one of the best companies.

Program Objectives

Get You Prepared

Full-scholarship learning program with various resources, events & workshops and real projects

Get You Hired

Earn badges and build reliable credential of your progress and development to make hiring process easier

Get You Connected

Opportunity to meet and get connected with influential and like-minded people

Why Data Fellowship Program?


The program only costs your commitment, nothing else! We guarantee there is no hidden fee.

Self Paced Learning

No need to hurry and worry, learn at the most effective time based on your pace.

Real-world Project

Learning through solving the real-world problem and getting familiar with the role and industry.

Get Hired Fast

Our hiring partners are the top companies and they demand IYKRA Data Fellowship graduates to be hired every single day.

Connect with Experts

Chances to meet, chat and have a coffee at IYKRA HQ with data experts from top tech companies.

No Data-experienced Needed

Having data-related skills or experiences are not mandatory. As long as you are always hungry, curious and having strong will, we are here for you!

Learning Framework

Learning is a never-ending journey and a process that might be personalized to anyone. We also believe the process should be enjoyable and motivating. Thus, we design the learning framework which will definitely make you enjoy every second of it

Program & Learning Path

Learning Program

Data Fellowship Program offers two options of learning programs to make it accessible for anyone anywhere.

Flexible Program

You can design your learning journey based on your times, location and pace that are convenient for you through this program. You will have full access to our learning platform and guideline, and there will be online group discussion.

Acceleration Program

For those who can attend full-time 3 months-class to learn and to do a real-world project, this is the suitable program. You will have full access to our learning platform and guideline, working space and offline mentoring and group discussion.


We will transform you to be a data professional and you need to choose the role between Data Scientist and Data Engineer based on what you envision.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist cultivates data with statistics, machine learning, programming, and domain knowledge business to generate insights, build and maintain predictive models and data-driven decision-making in order to leverage a business.

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer develops, constructs, tests, and maintains data architectures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems to support Data Analytic.









Soft Skills

Data Fellowship Program integrates soft skills development because soft skills have a huge role to compliment hard skills and knowledge. Along with your learning journey to be a Data Scientist or Data Engineer, you will also learn and practice the effective way to communicate, the engaging way to present yourself and your work, as well as the way to nail the interview. The topic will be included:

Real Project Examples

Life-time Value
User Application

Social Media
Content Optimization

Price Optimization

360 Profiling

Event Effectiveness
for Marketing Activity

Hiring Partners



General Prerequisite

(all participants should fulfill these criterias)

1. Minimum last year student of university
2. Have a laptop with specification: RAM 8GB, HDD: at least 50GB space.
3. Have the internet connection
4. Highly committed, proactive, and have the willingness to learn

Prerequisite for Acceleration Program

(If you enroll in Acceleration program, beside general prerequisite, you must also fulfill prerequisite for Acceleration Program)

1. Committed to attend the class and do the real-world project at IYKRA HQ in Jakarta during 3 months
2. Pass the screening process of Acceleration Program

Screening Process

If you prefer to enroll in Flexible Program, there is no screening process. However, there will be screening process to enroll in Acceleration Program, which consists of:

- Technical Skills
- Business Skills
- Interpersonal Skills and Commitment

3. Willing to be hired by IYKRA’s hiring partners after the completion of the program
4. Willing to sign the contract and to invest the commitment deposit (returnable)
5. Not under the contract with any companies

Are you ready to transform yourself?
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A: Yes it is totally free and we guarantee there is no hidden fee

A: Yes, you can switch and upgrade from Flexible to Acceleration program by passing the screening process and join the next available batch of Acceleration Program

A: You will be automatically placed in Flexible Program and you can retake the next screening process

A: Screening process of the Acceleration Program will always be happening once in every 3 months

A: Yes, every participant, either in Acceleration or Flexible Program, has the chance to be hired by our hiring partners, but the participants of Acceleration Program will be prioritized

A: If you enroll in Flexible program, you can switch the role from Data Scientist to Data Engineer or vice versa. If you enroll in Acceleration program, you can’t switch the role.

A: You will gain knowledge that can help you to pursue a career as data professional, networking with like-minded people, support system, access to our knowledge library, opportunity to showcase your skills and capability, and opportunity to be hired by our hiring partner as data professional

A: Of course yes! Data Fellowship Program is opened for anyone who has passion, ambition and willingness to learn about data

A: Data Fellowship Program offers continuous learning. Our curriculum, syllabus and technology will keep developing. New features and assessment will also be added along the way. So, there is no ending for learning and enriching yourself! However, if you choose to learn through Acceleration Program, you can expect the learning will be for 3 months before you are hired by our hiring partners

A: We will definitely help and prepare the participants in Acceleration Program for hiring process, however in the end of the day the hiring partners can have their own preference

A: No, you can’t

A: If you want to join Acceleration Program, once you are selected, you need to withdrawn any working contracts you have and sign the contract with us to be hired by our hiring partner after the completion of the program

A: Yes, there will be certificate of completion for Acceleration Program, but not for Flexible Program

A: If you enroll in Acceleration Program, the learning will be through both online platform (our website) and offline (class, mentoring, discussion, do the real project at IYKRA headquarter in Jakarta). If you enroll in Flexible Program, the learning will be through online platform only (our website and online discussion)

A: No, but there will be commitment fee and contract to be signed and obeyed for Acceleration Program participants

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